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Physician Assistants train under the medical model similar to that of physicians. Students spend at least twelve months in didactic studies followed by a second year of clinical rotations. Since PAs train as generalists they can adapt to the demands of any specialty practice and provide care as their supervising physician delegates.


Endocrine PAs perform initial consultations and follow-ups in hospital and outpatient settings. In addition to routine endocrine care, they may also conduct bone densitometry, thyroid biopsies, thyroid ultrasounds, insulin pump starts, research, and other tasks. PAs must practice within the scope of practice of their supervising physician. They have prescriptive authority and in many states DEA privileges. Services provided by PAs are reimbursed by Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurance companies.


Q. Why are Endocrine PAs important?

A. Endocrine PAs have a sound history of increasing revenue (cost-effective), while affording the endocrinologist a better quality of life by easing physician workload while allowing for practice expansion. PAs very often boost patient satisfaction.

Q. What is the the value of ASEPA Membership?

  • ASEPA is the voice of PAs in Endocrinology for the AAPA

  • Members receive subscriptions to Clinical Endocrinology News, Endocrine Today, as well as a digital subscription to Clinician Reviews.

  • Diabetes Health Monitor for Patients

  • Members receive discounted rates to exclusive conferences such as AACE, Cardiometabolic Health Congress and World Congress on Insulin Resistance, Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease, Cardiometabolic Risk Summit, Metabolic & Endocrine Disease Summit

  • Access to job postings for positions within the endocrine community

  • Merchant discounts for on-line CME and medical merchandise


Q: How many members are in ASEPA?

A: As of 2023, there are currently 165 members and 37 student members.


Q: Is there a membership referral benefit?

A: While there is not currently a membership referral benefit, by referring members you are playing a vital role in carrying forward the mission of ASEPA, and for that, we sincerely thank you! 


Q: Do I have to also be a member of AAPA? 
The American Society of Endocrine Physician Assistants is the official constituent organization of AAPA representing PAs in the specialty of endocrinology and the interests of all PAs who provide endocrine care. While active participation in the national and local PA organization is encouraged, it is not a requirement for ASEPA membership. However, any member of the ASEPA board of directors must be a member in good standing of the AAPA for the duration of his or her term.


Q: How can I join ASEPA leadership? 

A: Browse the About Us page on the website to see our list of committees and board positions, then email Staci K. Wise at to let her know what you are interested in. 


Q: What educational opportunities and benefits does membership provide? 

A: Members receive subscriptions to Endocrine publications, discounted or complimentary  registration to our partner conferences, access to the new AADE DANATech education tool, and so much more! Visit the Membership page to see the complete list of benefits. The Education page has a comprehensive list of opportunities in which to participate, including an ASEPA series of webinars, a new initiative launched in November 2019. 


Q: Is there CAQ specialty recognition for Endocrine PAs? 

A: Not at this time. 

Q. Is there a PA fellowship or certification in adult or pediatric Endocrinology?

A. Not at this time.

Q: Is there a salary report for Endocrine PAs? 

A: The 2019 AAPA salary report is free for fellow, student, and retired members. Sustaining, affiliate, associate, and physician members can purchase the report for $200.  

Q. Can NPs join ASEPA? 

A: NPs and PAs have different models of training, accrediting and regulatory bodies, advocacy, state laws, insurance credentialing, and practice regulations. ASEPA's news bulletins would be useful for all healthcare providers who see Endocrine patients, however the member benefits, job postings, and FAQs are specifically geared towards PAs. Therefore NPs are not eligible for membership with ASEPA. 

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