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October 11, 2020: 

Highlight of new Freestyle Libre 2 Flash CGM on Danatech

** If this link takes you to the danatech login page instead of opening directly, enter your username and password; your browser will then automatically be directed to the above link.

June 18, 2020: 

FDA Approves Lilly's Ultra-Rapid-Acting Insulin, Lyumjev

June 17, 2020: 

The following poster was presented virtually at the ADA 80th Scientific Sessions held June 12-16, 2020 

The Case for Targeted Diabetes Medication and Device CME for PCPs 

June 17, 2020: 

The following article was published in Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice 

Enhancing resources for healthcare professionals caring for people on intensive insulin therapy: Summary from a national workshop


March 24, 2020: 

AACE Position Statement: Coronavirus (COVID-19) and People with Adrenal Insufficiency and Cushing’s Syndrome


March 9, 2020: 

FDA draft guidance eliminates CV outcomes trial recommendation for diabetes drug approvals

February 15, 2020: 

FDA recall on Medtronic pumps - 600 series

February 13, 2020:

FDA voluntary recall of anti-obesity drug Belviq

January 28, 2020:

FDA okays triple-combo pill for type 2 diabetes

January 21, 2020: 

FDA approves first treatment for thyroid eye disease


January 16, 2020:

FDA Approves Semaglutide Injection for Cardiovascular Risk Reduction

January 6, 2020:

Fiasp is now approved for children with diabetes


December 13, 2019:

FDA approves Tandem Diabetes Care Control IQ Technology, a integrated insulin pump + continuous glucose sensor


October 22, 2019: 
FDA OKs Faster-Acting Insulin Aspart for Pump Use (Fiasp)


October 21, 2019: 
FDA OKs Dapagliflozin to Reduce HF Hospitalization in Diabetes (Farxiga)


September 30, 2019: 
FDA OKs Canagliflozin to Curtail Diabetic Kidney Disease (Invokana)



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